Chủ Nhật, 18 tháng 11, 2007

Sound Mixing Software

Sound is an important part not only for film but also for motion picture such as flash or animation. In this blog, i want to introduce two famous sound mixing software for two operating systems Mac OS and Windows.

The first software is Pro Tools ( you can find the more information from here). This software is only available for Mac (may be will available for PC in the next version - current version is 7) and go with the mixer. If you don't have the mixer, you cannot use Pro Tools (i don't like this). Another software is Adobe Audition. Some body say that Adobe Audition is Pro Tools for PC.

There are some main features of these softwares. Both of them support multiple track record and mixing (editing) sound. They also have most of the main effect for sound such as: delay, echo or reverb. However, they have some problems that you make you not like it. In this case, Pro Tools has more problems than Audition. Because Pro Tools is designed for MAC, it does not support importing wmv ( a sound format). In the exporting, it only uses AIFF and WAV (two raw sound format) so that the file capacity is very large. It can not convert between many file format. All of these problems are fixed in Audition but if you are not familiar with sound software, you will get trouble when using Audition. It is somehow very complex in the user interface. One more thing, Audition require a quite strong computer to install and run it.

Using which software depends on many factors such as the computer and the operating system. If you are the first time in sound mixing, i think you may try Pro Tools and then the Audtion.

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