Chủ Nhật, 18 tháng 11, 2007

DVD Information Structure

It's a little trouble to design the structure for this DVD. We only have 2 option for the main menu: the play button and the scene selection. We do not have subtitle or any audio option or extras, just the movie. Because the movie has too many tiny part, we have to divide it into 6-8 parts: the main movie has about 4 parts, the instruction 2 parts and the big projects 2 parts. So that I feel an unbalanced between the menu option, the play button is to simple, click and play while the scene selection have to has more than 2 sub-menu with 8 options. Therefore I came up with an ideal to divide the Scene selection into 2 part and make the main menu option also. In the end, this is our structure for the video - this give me a feel of balance:
1. Play
2. Main movie about Govap Orphanage (the name will come up later) - 1 sub menu with 4 options
3. Extras - 1 submenu with 4 options
3.1 - Instruction Video
3.2 - Painting project.
4. Photo Gallery (Optional)
I hope this is the final structure of the DVD. The interface will be update later next week.

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