Chủ Nhật, 9 tháng 12, 2007

Project Update cont

Our project this week is current at a stop due to other assignments from other subjects. However, we're managed to achieve a few things.

Finalize the DVD interface design - updated by visual designer.
Edit about two over five pieces of the movie - will be update later. Because of security requirements from the client, I cannot upload the draft of the movie on youtube.
Prepare sound for the artificial effects - update by IA.

Plan for next week:

Seek approval from client about the interface.
Finish the draft of the video

Sound Effect

Sound effect is one of important parts in video. In this case, sound effect is the sound of all the action that can be happened in a video such as the closing door, the wind or the water fall. In our video, there do not require many sound effect but this is still an important part to make the video become interesting.
In this blog, i want to introduce a free sound effect website and i think most of you know this site. It is Flash Kit (you can find the site here). There are nearly 7000 sound effects on this website and all of them are free. Flash Kit also categorizes all the sound by the topic that relevant such as the sound of airport, nature in the ambiance category or the sound of people. Moreover, you can here a demo of the sound inside the website without down loading it. If you want to find some free instrument music for your background, you can also find it at Flash Kit.
If you have any interesting in sound or just want to find some thing for fun, Flash Kit can be a good website for you.
PS: This is again the link to Flash Kit:

Sub-interface update

The old Sub-interface has just been modified. Its color scheme was changed into brighter and some more details were added. These photos are not the real ones which will be used in the real DVD interface, I just used those pic to illustrate what would be inside.

Chủ Nhật, 2 tháng 12, 2007

Update Main DVD Interface

As previous Main Interface is too simple and may not look like a DVD Interface, my leader asked me to do come up with a new idea and try to do it again. This time, my leader also gave me some examples of a real DVD Interface, we had to research a lot. Finally, this is the result. However, I still have to fix a few points. Besides, changing Main Page Interface leads to the change of the sub-Interface so that they can be unfied. The new sub-interface will be updated later

An example interface

I found this interface in the website I think this interface can be fit with our project. This interface looks like it drown by hand and brush. Its light colors such as yellow and green also make the interface cute and pretty. I hope this picture can help my visual designer having more example for the DVD interface.

Project Update

This week is an busy week with Database and Programming assignments but we have managed to complete many things.

Second version of Interface - Main menu and scene selection - Visual designer will update later.
Complete the pre and production process - finished all the shooting on Monday 25th November.
Post-production is in process.
Exported raw videos.
Choose which clips will show up in the final movie. - there are tons of video that can be used in the final version, kinda difficult to choose which to throw away.
Constructing the final video

I hope we will come up with the draft version of the final video next week. The most difficult is to make it interesting.