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Sound Effect

Sound effect is one of important parts in video. In this case, sound effect is the sound of all the action that can be happened in a video such as the closing door, the wind or the water fall. In our video, there do not require many sound effect but this is still an important part to make the video become interesting.
In this blog, i want to introduce a free sound effect website and i think most of you know this site. It is Flash Kit (you can find the site here). There are nearly 7000 sound effects on this website and all of them are free. Flash Kit also categorizes all the sound by the topic that relevant such as the sound of airport, nature in the ambiance category or the sound of people. Moreover, you can here a demo of the sound inside the website without down loading it. If you want to find some free instrument music for your background, you can also find it at Flash Kit.
If you have any interesting in sound or just want to find some thing for fun, Flash Kit can be a good website for you.
PS: This is again the link to Flash Kit:

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Dim Sum nói...

yes, its a great site. I've used that site often when I did multimedia projects.